SNF Starting Grant – Temporal Existence

Everything in our universe exists at some time and at some place. But what is it for something to exist at a time? What is temporal existence? This SNF Starting Grant tackles this question head-on. Drawing from metaphysics and physics (Special and General Relativity in particular), this interdisciplinary project will launch a systematic inquiry into the nature of temporal existence. It will also explore the transformative impact that this inquiry can have in philosophy and beyond. Questions to be addressed in the four sub-projects include: What is temporal existence – a property, a relation, a mode of being, none of the above? What is spacetime? Under what conditions, if at all, does Relativity Theory support the spacetime view?  How, if at all, should our views on temporal existence be revised in light of Relativity Theory? And what impact do theories of temporal existence have on several central questions in metaphysics, philosophy of mind and philosophy of religion?

Amount of the grant: 1’797’074 CHF

Duration: 5 years

Upcoming call for applications:

  • A post-doc position in philosophy of physics
  • A post-doc position in the history of philosophy of mind
  • A PhD position in metaphysics
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