Esistenza e Persistenza
2018. Milan: Mimesis


Fine’s Monster Objection Defanged” (with Alessandro Cecconi and Claudio Calosi)
forthcoming in The Philosophical Quarterly.

Mereological Endurantism Defined
forthcoming in Inquiry.

The Multi-location Trilemma” (with Claudio Calosi)
forthcoming in Erkenntnis.

An Argument Against Aristotelian Universals
2021. Synthese 198, 4331-4338.

“Persistence in Time”
2020. In Fieser, J. and Dowden, B. (eds.) Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

“Was Bonaventure a Four-dimensionalist?”
2020. British Journal for the History of Philosophy 28(2), 393-404.

“Aquinas on the Existence of the Future: A Response to Gili”
2020. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 12(3), 225-235.

“Aquinas, Geach, and Existence”
2019. European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 11(3), 175-195.

“The Limit Decision Problem and Four-dimensionalism” 
2017. Vivarium 55 (1-3), 199-216

Reprinted in M. Roques and F. Goubier, The Instant of Change in Medieval Philosophy and BeyondBrill (2018, 199-216)

“The Transcendentist Theory of Persistence”
2017. The Journal of Philosophy 114 (2)57-75

“Relativity and Three Four-Dimensionalisms” (with Claudio Calosi and Cody Gilmore)
2016. Philosophy Compass 11(2):102-120

“In Defence of Transcendentism” (with Alessandro Giordani)
2016. Acta Analytica 31(2): 225-234

“Multilocation, Fusions and Confusions” (with Claudio Calosi).
2015. Philosophia 43(1): 25-33

“Temporal Parts and Spatial Location”
2014. In A. Reboul, Mind, Values and Metaphysics: Philosophical Papers Dedicated to Kevin Mulligan. Springer, 199-207

“From Times to Worlds and Back Again: A Transcendentist Theory of Persistence” (with Alessandro Giordani)
2013. Thought: A Journal of Philosophy 2(1): 210-220

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