(C.64) # The Perils of Aristotelian Realism, Plenary talk at the VI Italian Conference on Analytic Ontology, University of l’Aquila (6/2022)
(C.63) # The Perils of Aristotelian Realism, Neuchâtel Philosophy Colloquia, University of Neuchâtel (3/2022).

(C.62) # The Perils of Aristotelian Realism, GEM Colloquia, Collège de France, Paris (12/2021)

(C.61) # Roundtable on machine consciousness and emotions (public outreach), Lugano (4/2021): recording available at this link

(C.60) # Four kinds of priority monism, Tübingen (11/2020)
(C.59) # L’indispensabilità del Giudice, plenary talk at Consiglio Superiore della Magistratura, Rome (6/2020) (postponed)
(C.58) # Comments on Pasnau’s “Medieval Modal Spaces”, Virtual Medieval Colloquium (5/2020)
(C.57) # Here and There. The Logic of Multi-location, 3rd Lugano Venice workshop in Analytic Philosophy, University of Venice (2/2020): recording available at this link

(C.56) The Multilocation Dilemma (with C. Calosi)Society for the Metaphysics of Science Annual Meeting 2019, University of Toronto (11/2019)
(C.55) # Roundtable on the future of artificial intelligence (public outreach), IBSA foundation, Lugano (10/2019): recording available at this link
(C.54) # Relativity and the Afterlife, 13thmeeting of the British Society for Philosophy of Religion, University of Oxford (9/2019)
(C.53) The Multilocation Dilemma (with C. Calosi), Society for the Metaphysics of Science Annual Meeting 2019, University of Toronto(11/2019)
(C.52) # “The Same but Different”, 2ndVenice Meeting in Analytic Philosophy, University of Venice (7/2019)
(C.51) # Relativity and Four-Dimensionalism, Catholic University of Milan (5/2019)
(C.50) # Is Four-Dimensionalism Intelligible? University of Padua (5/2018)

(C.49) # Is Four-Dimensionalism Intelligible? Corpus Christi College, Oxford (11/2018)
(C.48) # Was Bonaventure a Four-dimensionalist?, XXth Meeting of the Medieval Philosophy Network in the UK, University of London (11/2018)
(C.46) # Presentism and Truthmaking, Existence and experience, Bergamo (5/2018)
(C.45) # The Connective View of Temporal Existence, Ontoformat colloquia, Milan (5/2018)
(C.44) # The Connective View of Temporal Existence, Relations, Manchester (3/2018)
(C.43) The Connective View of Temporal Existence, The Analogy of Being, Ligerz (3/2018)
(C.42) # The Connective View of Temporal Existence, Time After Time, Bonn (3/2018)

(C.41) Comments on Rosenkranz’s “The Logic of Justification”, Metaphysics sans phrase, 10 years of eidos, Geneva (11/2017)
(C.40) # Six Ways of Being in Time, Powers and Change, Oxford (3/2017)
C.39) # Six Ways of Being in Time, Exre Colloquia, Fribourg (3/2017)
C.38) # Six Ways of Being in Time, Quodlibeta, Geneva (3/2017)
C.37) # Metaphysical Superdetermination (with A. Giordani), Objects, Qualities, Structures, Bergamo (1/2017)

(C.36) Some metaphysical consequences of Relativity Theory, Gandria workshop, Lugano (12/2016)
(C.35) Metaphysical Superdetermination (with A. Giordani), Gandria workshop, Lugano (12/2016)
(C.34) Comments on Jiri Benovsky’s « How to survive eliminativism », Eliminativism, Ovronnaz (7/2016)
(C.33) Emergence Does Not Entail Priority Monism, Monism, Jean Nicod Institute, Paris (5/2016)
(C.32) The Transcendentist Theory of Persistence, Being in Time, University of Bonn (2/2016)

(C.31) # The limit Decision Problem and Four-Dimensionalism, The Instant of Change, Berlin (11/2015)
(C.30) Comments on Kris McDaniel’s “Modes of Instantiation”, The Metaphysics of Properties and Relations, University of Bergamo (7/2015)
(C.29) # Being in Time, OntoFormat, Catholic University of Milan (6/2015)
(C.28) Endurantism and the Grounds of Existence, Truth and Grounds, Mount Truth, Switzerland (5/2015)

(C.27) # Special Relativity and Immortality, Phileas Lectures, Geneva (11/2014)

(C.26) Fine on existence and location, Objections to Fine, Varano Borghi (8/2013)
(C.25) Comments on G. Currie’s «Four media in search of fictional characters», CUSO Aesthetics workshop, Ovronnaz (6/2013)
(C.24) Endurantism and Standard Theories of Location, Workshop on location and mereology, University of Geneva (6/2013)
(C.23) Explaining Identity, Identity workshop, University of Zürich (6/2013)
(C.22) # Transcendentism about Persistence, Time and Existence, Catholic University of Milan (5/2013)
(C.21) Transcendentism about Persistence, University of Fribourg (4/2013)
(C.20) Transcendentism about Persistence, CUSO Doctoral Workshop with Josh Parsons, University of Geneva (3/2013)
(C.19) # Do traditional theories of persistence rest on a category mistake?, The Ontology of the Mind and the Semantics of Nominalizations, IHPST, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne (2/2013)

(C.18) Grounding Identity, Lemming Graduate Conference, University of Cologne (D) (11/2012)
(C.17) Comments on B. Caplan’s «Truth in Fiction over Time», PERSP Space & Time Workshop, University of Barcelona (11/2012)
(C.16) # Location in Space and Time, Spatial Representation and Logic, Université de Lausanne (10/2012)
(C.15) # Grounding Identity, Paris-Hamburg Ontology Workshop, IHPST, Université Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne (9/2012)
(C.14) Property Exemplification and the Temporal Parts of Events, Joint Session of the Mind and Aristotelian Society, University of Stirling (7/2012)
(C.13) Events as Kind Instatiations, SOPHA 2012, École Normale Supérieure, Paris (5/2012)
(C.12) # What is a Criterion of Identity?, Catholic University of Milan (5/2012)
(C.11) # Events and Objects in Time, Time and Ontology, Université de Namur (5/2012)
(C.10) Derivative Location, Université de Fribourg (4/2012)
(C.9) Essence and Persistence, Logic and Metaphysics of Essence, Lugano (1/2012)

(C.8) Essence and Endurance, Candoc Colloquium, Ovronnaz (9/2011)
(C.7) On and Against Enduring Events, ECAP7, san Raffaele University, Milano (7/2011)
(C.6) On and Against Enduring Processes, 7th BCN/GVA meeting – University of Barcelona (5/2011)
(C.5) What is a Temporal Part?, eidos meeting, Université de Genève (4/2011)

(C.4) Property Exemplification and the Nature of Events, eidos meeting, Université de Genève (5/2010)

(C.3) Comments on Simon Prosser’s “Temporal Passage and Awareness”, XVI eidos workshop, Université de Genève (11/2009)
(C.2) Substances, i.e. Structured Particulars, SOPHA 2009, Université de Genève (9/2009)
(C.1) Substances & Modes of Persistence, eidos meeting, Université de Genève (5/2009)

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